Samothrace - Walking Tourism

It is not often that you will find an island so green and with so many springs as Samothrace, the nature of which is the reason that thousands of travelers visit it every year: vegetation, streams, waterfalls, beaches...

The island is dominated by the mountain Saos, with Fegari, its highest peak, reaching an altitude of 1610 meters. The hundreds of streams and rivers that descend from Saos, form countless waterfalls and the famous vathres of Samothrace, small lake formations, like pools amid the rocks. The river Tsivdogiannis hides many such natural wonders for nature lovers.

The largest stream of the island is Fonias  - one of its waterfalls, Klidosi , cascades from a height of 35 meters! The waterfalls of Kakia Plaka, of Karia, those of Xiropotamos, Arapi, Karagiannakis and the other rivers of Samothrace are all worth a visit, in order to spend a few hours in nature and the lush foliage surrounding the water!

Tall plane trees form the unique to the nature of the Greek islands plane forests, while you will also find oaks, chestnut trees, maples, "stavroxyla" etc. There are large olive groves, mainly in the south of the island. Pistacia trees, strawberry trees, Spanish brooms and heathers, as well as myrtles complete the flora of the nature of Samothrace and create a unique landscape in all the shades of green.

Outside Therma  you will find the mineral springs of Samothrace , which are of course hot and crowded with visitors especially during summer.

  • Ascent on Fegari

    The ascent on the highest peak of Samothrace, Fegari, takes about six hours and is particularly difficult because of its steepness.

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