Samothrace - Villages

The villages of Samothrace are scattered across the surface of the island, but far more populous is the western side of Samothrace. In total there are about 20 villages, half of which, though, have a permanent population of less than ten people. The total population of Samothrace is 2840 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census.

All the villages of Samothrace form a single municipality. The capital is Chora, but the largest settlement by population is the port, Kamariotissa, in the northwest. Lakoma, Prophitis Ilias and Alonia , villages in the west of Samothrace, have more than 200 residents. The touristic Therma  is where you will find the spa with the hot springs of Samothrace.

The houses in the villages of Samothrace are traditionally built, with a homogeneous architecture and each of them is an attraction of the island on its own. Chora is characterized as a traditional, preserved settlement. All the villages of Samothrace are connected by the two main roads that start from Kamariotissa. Essentially the two roads "encircle" the mountain Saos  which dominates the landscape of the island, while detours lead to all the villages.

  • Chora

    Chora of Samothrace is the capital of the island and is built on the slopes of mountain Saos, in the northwest.

  • Prophitis Ilias

    Prophitis Ilias is a mountainous village in the southern part of Samothrace, where you will find the famous goat, one of the most delicious dishes on the island.

  • Paleopoli

    The touristic settlement of Paleopoli in Samothrace is located very close to the archaeological site of Paleopoli and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods.

  • Xeropotamos

    Xeropotamos is a settlement in the center of Samothrace, situated at the edge of the gorge of the homonymous river with beautiful vathres.

  • Lakoma

    Lakoma is a village of Samothrace, built among the olive groves, in the south of the island.

  • Kariotes

    Kariotes is a small, picturesque village in northern Samothrace, built among plane trees and maples.

  • Kamariotissa

    Kamariotissa is the port of Samothrace and is located in the northwestern part of the island.

  • Therma

    Therma is one of the most popular settlements of Samothrace. It is built among the plane trees and flowing waters, next to the hot springs.

  • Ano Meria

    Ano Meria is a settlement in the eastern part of Samothrace, where every year a feast is held in honour of Agia Paraskevi.

  • Alonia

    Alonia is a settlement of Samothrace, one of the less touristic ones of the island and it is located in its southwestern part.

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