Capital of Samothrace is the homonymous town in the hinterland of the island, which is more known as Chora.
Chora of Samothrace is built on the slopes of mountain Saos , in the northwestern part of the island and six kilometers from the coast. Despite the short distance, the picturesque village is built so as to be invisible from the sea, apparently for fear of pirates, who were the main threat to its inhabitants for centuries.
At the end of the town of Chora, stands the imposing medieval castle of Gateluzzi, Venetian rulers of the island in the 14th century, who built fortifications known as the Towers of Gateluzzi  in various parts of the island.
The houses of Chora, are traditionally built with stone, two-storied with tiled roofs and cobbled streets between them. Plane trees adorn the central square of the town, while the most important church of Chora is the Assumption of Virgin Mary,  an imposing 19th century building, which houses the skulls of the Five Neomartyrs of Samothrace.
The Folklore Museum of Samothrace  is one of the attractions of the country not to be missed. Created with the voluntary efforts of the inhabitants, it is housed in an old mansion and contains numerous relics of traditional life on the island, as well as a reproduction of a traditional old house of Samothrace.


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