The port of Samothrace, Kamariotissa, is built on the northwestern coast of the ancient island of Cabeiri. This is a small, picturesque fishing village, which has maintained the traditional character of its houses and buildings, even though through it passes the entire volume of the island’s visitors, making it one of the tourist centers.
Kamariotissa is the only connection point of Samothrace with the rest of Greece. Here come the ships from Alexandroupoli, as well as Kavala and Limnos during summer. From here pass both main roads of the island, the one that leads north to the popular Therma  and its attractions, and the one that leads to Chora, the capital of the island and the southern part of Samothrace. Just outside Kamariotissa you will also find the only petrol station on the island.
At the southwestern limits of Kamariotissa lies the Lagoon of Agios Andreas, one of the most important wetlands of Samothrace, while at the tip of the Cape is the wind farm of the island, with four wind turbines.
Kamariotissa is named after the village church, which houses the icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) from the Kamares.

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