The settlement of Kariotes of Samothrace is located on the northern coast of the ancient island of Cabeiri. It is situated at 11 km from the port of Kamariotissa  and visitors will find its few houses between Paleopoli  and Therma.
The landscape where Kariotes is built is verdant, like most of the naturally gifted Samothrace, dominated by plane trees. In Kariotes you will also see chestnuts, oaks, maples, pear trees and cherry trees.
Kariotes consists of two neighborhoods, Kato Kariotes, built next to the main road and the Ano Kariotes, located on the slopes of mountain Saos, about one kilometer away.
As visitors pass through the archaeological site of Paleopoli  and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods towards the touristic Therma, which is built on the banks of Fonias and at the point where starts the path for the ascent on Fegari, they are crossing the small picturesque settlement, Kariotes, that has not more to offer than the beauty of their nature.

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