Kipoi is the most remote beach of the island, since it is located at the southeastern coast of Samothrace, away from the settlements. When you consider that the port of the island, which is its most populous settlement, Kamariotissa, is located in northwestern Samothrace, it gives a new meaning to the phrase “on the other side”, when talking about Kipoi!
Kipoi beach is prefered by those who want their privacy, in contrast to the noisy and crowded Pachia Ammos beach . Here there is nothing else, other than the man and nature. The dark gray, fine gravel and the deep blue sea make up one of the few landscapes of Samothrace not dominated by vegetation.
Kipoi is the largest of the beaches  of Samothrace. The vast beach is surrounded by wild cliffs on the right and a verdant background behind it, towards the mountain.
In any case, whoever comes to Kipoi should not leave before the sun sets – for many, it is the best sunset of the island!

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