Samothrace - Beaches

The beaches of Samothrace will be unforgettable to their visitors - as will be the entire experience of the journey to the mysterious island of antiquity and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods.

The island of Samothrace is mountainous,as its surface is domineered by the mountain Saos with its highest peak Feggari, at 1614 meters. The vathres  of the mountain, natural pools formed by numerous streams steal the show from the beaches of Samothrace, as they are very rarely found in other parts of Greece.

The beaches of Samothrace, for those visitors who manage to escape the shade of the plane trees and the river water, are waiting to offer them endless swimming in the vast, blue sea! Most of the beaches of Samothrace are inaccessible by land (road). The best way to reach them is by boat, either your own, or rented or by the boats that make frequent routes and go around the island.

Vatos is the most famous beach of Samothrace and is accessible only by sea or by a hard to cross canyon. But the beach of Pachia Ammos  you can access by car, as well as Kipi Beach  with the beautiful sunset and Pirgos tou Fonia beach, where estuates the homonymous torrent.

  • Pyrgos tou Fonia

    It is the beach in northeastern Samothrace, where you will also find the Tower of Fonias and the estuary of the homonymous stream.

  • Pachia Ammos

    One of the most visited beaches of Samothrace, Pachia Ammos, is situated in the southwestern part of the island.

  • Kipoi

    Kipoi beach is situated on the southeastern coast of Samothrace and offers its visitors on of the most beautiful sunsets!

  • Vatos

    Vatos is considered the most beautiful beach of Samothrace, it can be approached by boat and has emerald waters!

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