Lakoma is one of the settlements of Samothrace located in the southwestern part of the island. It is 7 km from the port of Kamariotissa, 8 km southeast from the island’s capital Chora. You can get to Lakoma by one of the main roads of Samothrace.
Lakoma is a seaside village built in the olive groves of Samothrace and home to 300 residents. Most of them are in the olive oil production and fishing, as the village is the fishing port of southern Samothrace.
The houses of Lakoma are traditionally built, preserving the architectural character of the island. In the area of ​​the village three old olive oil mills are also preserved in very good condition (traditional olive oil press) from the early 20th century, which are samples of the early industrial architecture of the island. The olive oil mills in Lakoma functioned until 1985, when they were replaced by the modern mill of the area.
From Lakoma one can get to the village of Prophitis Ilias, which is two kilometers away and famous for the roast goat served in its taverns. Very near is the chapel of Virgin Mary Krimniotissa with the unique view.

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