The settlement of Paleopoli is located on the northern coast of Samothrace. It is essentially a touristic resort, with about twenty residents and houses built at the limits of the homonymous archaeological site. In Paleopoli you will find the Archaeological Museum of Samothrace  and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, the most important archaeological site of the island.
The distance from Kamariotissa, Samothrace’s port, to Paleopoli is 7 km on a paved road. Paleopoli is a coastal settlement and in antiquity it was the most important port on the island of Cabeiri, even though the area is exposed to strong winds!
The center of the Cabeiri mysteries of ancient Samothrace, Paleopoli, is where, except from the Sanctuary of the Great Gods with its important monuments, were also found the Nike of Samothrace, prehistoric walls, the Medieval Towers of Samothrace built by the Venetian rulers Gateluzzi, while also not very far away is the shrine of St. Paul, the monument that was built to commemorate the spot where he spent the first night of his missionary journey to Europe.

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