Most people consider Vatos the most beautiful beach  of Samothrace. It is very large in size, with white sand and blue-green, emerald waters. Nature has done its best here, so those who visit Vatos not only do they not leave disappointed, but instead, they leave the place completely charmed!
It is located east of Pachia Ammos, in the southern part of the island and the easiest way to get here is by sea on one of the boats that start from Therma  and go round the island. Vatos is located at the exit of the homonymous gorge, surrounded by high cliffs that form caves. The evergreen trees reach all the way to the sand.
If you continue by boat even further east from Vatos, you will see the crystal clear waterfall of Kremastos , cascading from a height of almost one hundred meters into the sea, as well as the geological formation with the strange name “Tis Grias ta Pania ” (the sails of the old woman).
The alternative way to access Vatos is to descent one of the most inaccessible and dangerous gorges of Samothrace, on the steep slopes of mountain Saos. The Gorge of Vatos is best avoided by inexperienced hikers.

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