Xeropotamos is a settlement of Samothrace, located in the middle of the island, on the southern slopes of Mountain Saos, between the port of Kamariotissa  and the village Lakoma. The small village houses are surrounded by the verdant nature, with brooks and streams that give the landscape a distinct feeling. Today in Xeropotamos reside about 90 people, although fifty years ago the village was full of life and was one of the biggest on the island.
The settlement is built along the stream of Xeropotamos, which is the largest in the region. On its way from the sources up on the mountain Saos, all the way down to the sea, the river forms one of the most impressive gorges of Samothrace, Gorge Xeropotamos.
Although it is relatively unknown yet, Gorge Xeropotamos attracts nature lovers, as it is considered ideal for canyoning. It also attracts hundreds of trekkers coming out of the village below and following the river to the famous vathres (rock pools) of Xeropotamos, after a twenty minute walk.
Within walking distance from Xeropotamos towards the sea is the settlement Makrylia, which took its name from the shape of the olives produced here (makry – long). Makrylia have about ten residents and are considered now as a neighborhood of Xeropotamos.

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