Syros – Tradition

  • Cheese “San Michalis”

    The cheese "San Michalis" manufactured exclusively in Syros and is the most expensive Greek cheese.

  • Chalvadopita

    The chalvadopita of Syros is one of the most famous traditional sweets of the island, along with Syrian marshmallow.

  • Syrian marshmallow

    The Syrian marshmallow is the traditional local dish of Syros with great tradition and unique taste.

  • Hoirosfagia

    Hoirosfagia is a really old custom of Syros and involves raising and slaughtering a pig for Christmas.

  • Easter in Syros

    Easter in Syros is celebrated at the same time by both Catholics and Orthodox, one of the few places in the world that this occurs.

  • Festivals

    Both dominant dogmata give their characteristics in the island’s festivals. Most of them are catholic, since the majority of the churches are roman catholic

  • Carnival in Syros

    Carnival in Syros has been established the last years and includes a two day razzle in Ano Syros and Hermoupolis.

  • Events

    There is an abundance of cultural events all year long in Syros, of whom the most remarkable is “Ermopoulia”, in summer.

  • Customs

    There is a vast number of customs revived all year long in Syros.

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