Syros – Tradition

  • Church of Virgin Mary’s Birth

  • Athletic Center of Syros

    The Athletic Center of Syros is modern and has football and chess fields, indoor gym, natatorium, tennis courts and a playground.

  • Naval Club of Syros

    Naval Club of Syros, one of the most historical sports clubs, is still seeing days of glory in water polo, swimming, sailing and rowing.

  • Basketball

    Basketball is one of the favorite sports in Syros, numbering two relevant Athletic Clubs with many successes.

  • Football

    Football has obsessed fans in Syros, where nowadays there are 3 football clubs.

  • Volleyball

    Volleyball is the sport of Syros, since Phoinikas team is a major player in the national League.

  • Cheese “San Michalis”

    The cheese "San Michalis" manufactured exclusively in Syros and is the most expensive Greek cheese.

  • Chalvadopita

    The chalvadopita of Syros is one of the most famous traditional sweets of the island, along with Syrian marshmallow.

  • Syrian marshmallow

    The Syrian marshmallow is the traditional local dish of Syros with great tradition and unique taste.

  • Hoirosfagia

    Hoirosfagia is a really old custom of Syros and involves raising and slaughtering a pig for Christmas.

  • Easter in Syros

    Easter in Syros is celebrated at the same time by both Catholics and Orthodox, one of the few places in the world that this occurs.

  • Festivals

    Both dominant dogmata give their characteristics in the island’s festivals. Most of them are catholic, since the majority of the churches are roman catholic

  • Carnival in Syros

    Carnival in Syros has been established the last years and includes a two day razzle in Ano Syros and Hermoupolis.

  • Events

    There is an abundance of cultural events all year long in Syros, of whom the most remarkable is “Ermopoulia”, in summer.

  • Customs

    There is a vast number of customs revived all year long in Syros.

  • Medieval Castle

    The three gates of the medieval castle of Ano Syros are until today the main entrances to the village.

  • Chalandriani – Castri

    The archaeological reserve of Halandiani of Castri in Syros includes the ancient fortified citadel and the cemetery of the Early Cycladic period (3rd millennium BC).

  • Capuchin Monastery

    The Capuchin Monastery in Ano Syros was founded in 1635 and played an important role in the religious and social life of residents. It hasn’t monks, only the abbot.

  • Holy Cross Church

  • Panagia Faneromeni

  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Pagos)

  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Manna)

  • Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Kini)

  • Holy Heart of Jesus

  • Euaggelistria

    Euaggelistria in Ermoupoli of Syros is Catholic parish church, built in 1829.

  • Church of Virgin Mary’s Birth

  • Amiadou Church of the Conception of Mary

  • Saint Francis

  • Agia Triada

  • Ayios (Saint) Spyridon

  • Saint Sebastian

  • Agios Petros

  • Movie Theater “Pallas” (open during summer)

  • Movie Theater «Pallas» (open during winter)

  • Ayios Panteleimon (Finika)

  • Ayios Panteleimon

  • Ayios Nektarios

  • Agia Marina

  • Saint Constantine

  • Saint Joseph (Vissas)

  • Saint John (Talanta)

  • Ayios Iakovos

  • Agia Thiresia

  • Ayia Thekla

  • Saints Anargyri

  • Saint Alexander

  • Aquarium

    The Aquarium of Syros is the seaside village of Kini. The visitors can see the most important species that live and breed in the Aegean.

  • Karnagio

    The Karnagio in Syros has till to these days maintained a bunch of local businesses, while it is considered to be one of the greatest of its times.

  • Tarsanas of Syros

    Tarsanas of Syros, where until today has kept the wooden shipbuilding, is one of the historical sites on the island, where ships were built.

  • Customs Office

    The Customs Office of Syros, opposite of the port, is one of the first monumental buildings that visitors see when coming to the island.

  • Conference Center

  • Euanthia Kairi Theater

    The Euanthia Kairi Theater in Hermoupolis, Syros, is located in a renewed warehouse. It is a picturesque theater, used mainly by local political entities.

  • City Hall

    The City Hall of Syros, Chiller’s creation, is the most majestic building on the island and is one of the biggest city halls in Greece.

  • Agios Nikolaos of the Poor

    O Agios Nikolaos of the Poor in Ano Syros is the oldest surviving church in the island (16th century) and one of the two Orthodox existed in the settlement.

  • Agios Nikolaos

    The church of Agios Nikolaos in Ermoupoli is among the main attractions of Syros. It is magnificent, with marble facade and towering belfries.

  • Αγία Παρασκευή

  • Agia Paraskevi

    Agia Paraskevi in the village Alithini of Syros is a large, private church, where a great festival on 26th of July.

  • Agios Stefanos

    The catholic church of Agios Stefanos in the settlement of Galissa is built into a cave above the sea. The access is realized by path or by the sea.

  • Resurrection of Christ

    The Church of the Resurrection of Christ on Syros is the magnificent church with blue dome that stands out on the hill right of Ermoupoli.

  • Transfiguration

    The Transfiguration is the Metropolis of Ermoupoli, the oldest church of the city built in 1824 by Chian and Psarians. Here is buried A. Gazis.

  • Agios Ioannis

    Agios Ioannis is located in the center of the seaside town of Posidonia. Big festival takes place in his honor in 29th of August.

  • Assumption

    The church of the Assumption in Ermoupoli of Syros has elaborate decoration and hosts original work of Domenikos Theotokopoulos.

  • Agios Eleftherios

    Agios Eleftherios in Syros is built near the old prison in Lazaretta of Ermoupoli. It was built in 1900 to give hope to the prisoners.

  • Agios Georgios

    Saint George is the third oldest church in Ermoypoli . Built in 1839 by offering all the inhabitants of the then thriving Cycladic capital.

  • Lady Episcopiani

    The Virgin Episcopiani is located just outside the village of Episkopeio. It is unknown when it was built, but it is one of the oldest temples in the island

  • Agios Georgios (Saint George)

    The Metropolitan temple of Catholic in Syros is Agios Georgios (Saint George) and it was built in 1200 and is situated at the top of the hill of Ano Syros.

  • Prophet Elias

    The Prophet Elias on the hill in the village of Episkopeio, built in 1845, is recently renovated and has remarkable frescoes and icons.

  • Agia Varvara

    Agia Varvara, just outside the village of Kini, has excellent hagiographies with the martyrdoms of the Saint. The nun makes and sells traditional weavings.

  • Archangels

    The Church of the Archangels in Ermoupoli is parish, built in 1898, by the contributions from residents. It is located at St. George Street.

  • Agios Antonios

    The church of Agios Antonios is located on the beach of Megas Gialos in Syros.

  • Catholic Cemetery

    The Catholic Cemetery of Ermoupoli in Syros includes remarkable funerary monuments.

  • Orthodox Cemetery

    In orthodox cemetery of Ermoupoli, there are dozens of remarkable funerary monuments that are a rare set of architectural works and sculptures.

  • Agios Athanasius in Pigi

    The church of Agios Athanasius in Pigi in Ano Syros is made of stone, beautiful, perfectly harmonized with the natural environment surrounded by trees.

  • Cyclades Art gallery

    The Cyclades Art gallery since 1994 is accommodated in the Warehouses, on the port’s pier in Hermoupolis. A vast number of exhibitions is accommodated there

  • Casino

    Syros Casino is accommodated in two neoclassical buildings, built in 1830 and connected to each other with an underground gallery.

  • Vaporia

    The district Vaporia is considered as the most beautiful of Syros. It was the aristocratic quarter of the 19th century with imposing, luxury captain houses.

  • Port

    When entering the Port of Syros, in Hermoupolis, the visitor is charmed by its breathtaking architecture, a strong hint of the island’s history.

  • Mental Center

    The Mental Centre of the Municipality is housed in the Club "Hellas" at Miaoulis Square. It organizes a number of events and conferences.

  • Miaoulis Square

    Miaoulis Square is located next to the port, being the most central area of the island. A majestic Megaron, used as City Hall, decorates the square.

  • Neorio

    Neorio is one of the oldest machine shops in Greece and the largest industrial facility on the island. It has experienced a period of glory and decadence.

  • Quarantine House

    The Quarantine House of Syros is located in the port of Hermoupolis and was used quarantine house for travelers, before entering the main island.

  • Municipal Library

    The Municipal Library of Syros is located in the Culture Center, in Miaoulis Square, and possesses more or less 45,000 books.

  • Warehouses

    The Warehouses is the stone oblong venue on the pier of Syros’s port.

  • Municipal Theater “Apollon”

    The Municipal Theater "Apollon " was built in 1862-1864 and is currently one of the attractions of Ermoupoli in Syros.

  • Markos Vamvakaris Museum

    Markos Vamvakaris Museum is located in Ano Syros district, where the great Greek “rebetis” was born. It accommodates personal objects and manuscripts.

  • Historical Archives of Syros

    The Historical Archives of Syros has in its possession documents, mainly dating back to 1821 and after. It occupies a floor in the Ladopoulos building, in Miaoulis Square.

  • Copies of Cycladic Art Museum

    In the Copies of Cycladic Art Museum there are programs using copies of cycladic art artifacts so as to learn about the cycladic civilization.

  • Traditional Profession Exhibition

    In the district of Ano Syros is accommodated the extremely rich Traditional Profession Exhibition, having tools from farming and household activities.

  • Industrial Museum

    The Industrial Museum of Syros is one of the most remarkable museums in Greece, accommodating machinery, tools and rare footage of industrial interest.

  • Archaeological Museum

    The Archaeological Museum of Syros is one of the oldest of Greece (1834-1835). It includes exhibits of the prehistoric, Hellenistic and Roman era.

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