Agios Eleftherios

The church of Agios Eleftherios of Syros s located in Ermoupoli, in the region of Lazarattas, in the south of the port, near the old prison and Quarantine. They had built it there, in 1900, in order to give hope to the prisoners who were serving their sentences in prisons of Syros.

A shrine with the icon of Agios Eleftherios dominates at the area just passing the entrance, while another icon is on the temple. The offerings at Agios Eleftherios usually depict children and infants.

In Syros, the popular cult of Agios Eleftherios is special and it is related to pregnancy and childbirth: women who are pregnant come to the temple to have a “good freedom”. They keep white ribbons and fasten them in the woman in the church. She crosses the front of the icon of Agios Eleftherios and returns them, since they must have them to get together and to have to go to the maternity ward.

The church of Agios Eleftherios is small and its first reconstruction was realized in 1988.

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