Agros is one of the villages in the south, fertile part of Syros – as is shown also by his name. The 80 residents of the village are engaged in farming, mainly vegetable crops in greenhouses and fruit trees.

Although it belongs to the southern part of the island, Agros belongs as administration to the municipal section of Ano Syros, the united municipality of Syros. You’ll find a small house in the village between the village Pagos, which is famous for its greenhouses, the green Parakopi with stately mansions and the small Mesaria.

Also, near the village of Agros is located the village Manna, on the eastern edge of which has built the airport Dimitrios Vikellas of Syros.

From Agros one can easily reach the capital of Syros, Ermoypoli and villages with the beautiful beaches in the south of the island, in the area of Posidonia.

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