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The villages of Syros are themselves the most important attractions of the island! Neat houses, clean, floral courtyards and much green characterize the landscape, while the mountainous villages of Syros have nothing to envy from the seaside and more popular. Among the narrow streets, one meets the beautiful mansions of the 19th century, of great architecture that stand as irrefutable evidence of its glorious past...

Three are the provinces (former municipalities) that compose the villages of Syros:

Ermoypoli , consisting of the capital and surrounding villages.

Ano Syros , with the homonymous historic seat of the municipality and the villages of Syros belonged to the northern side of the island, to the north.

Posidonia, with the villages of Syros gathers the most tourists to the island, located in the southern part.

Totally, the villages of Syros, smaller and larger are 30 in number, and each holds its own attractions for visitors who want to get acquainted.

  • Dolphin

    In Dolphin that is located north of Kini dominate the pebbles.

  • Phoenix

    Phoenix is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Syros and is located in the southwest of the island.

  • Vissa

    Vissa is a village on the southern island of Syros and hs also the male name Vissas.

  • Posidonia

    Posidonia is one of the most beautiful tourist villages of Syros and is also known as Ntellagkratsia.

  • Adeiata

    Adeiata is a village in the hinterland of Syros, built in the south, between Vissa and Posidonia.

  • Megas Gialos

    Megas Gialos is coastal, tourist resort in southeastern Syros.

  • Vari

    Vari is one of the largest settlements in Syros, built at the southeastern side of the island.

  • Azolimnos

    Azolimnos is one of the villages of southern Syros, the closest coastal village to Ermoupoli.

  • Chroussa

    Chroussa is the greenest village in the hinterland of Syros, with rural villas and beautiful gardens.

  • Parakopi

    The Parakopi is one of the villages in southern Syros, built in green.

  • Pagos

    Pagos is a rural village in the center of Syros, famous for its greenhouse.

  • Messaria

    Messaria is a village in the centre of southern Syros.

  • Agros

    Agros is one of the villages located in the fertile lands of southern Syros.

  • Danakos

    The village Danakos in Syros is the birthplace of the great rebetis Markos Vamvakaris.

  • Chalandriani

    Chalandriani is one of the smallest settlements of Syros, but has the most important archaeological site of the prehistoric era.

  • Foinikia

    Foinikia is the first settlement of Ano Meria in Syros encountered after Ano Syros.

  • Plati Vouni

    Plati Vouni of Syros is a small settlement on ano meria of the island.

  • Papouri

    Papouri is one of the smaller settlements in Ano Meria of Syros.

  • Myttakas

    Myttakas is a settlement in the northern side of Syros, the northern part of the island.

  • Alithini

    Alithini is the village of Ano Syros with amazing view to Ermoupoli and the surrounding islands of Syros.

  • Agios Michalis

    Agios Michalis is one of the few settlements located in the northern side of Syros. Here is produced the San Michalis cheese.

  • Agios Dimitrios

    Agios Dimitrios is a settlement on the eastern island of Syros, where is situated the famous hoonymous church.

  • Galissas

    The village Galissas is the center of tourism in western Syros and is built around a sandy beach.

  • Kini

    Kini is a seaside village on the western island of Syros, one of the tourist centers of the island.

  • Episkopeio

    Episkopeio is a village in the center of Syros, where is the church of Panagia Piskopiani or Protothroni.

  • Ano Syros

    Ano Syros is the historical capital of the island. It is located in the boundaries of Syros and the majority of the population is Catholic.

  • Talanda

    Talanda is a settlement is Syros. They are 4 kilometers far from Hermoupolis, southwest direction.

  • Ano Manna

    Ano Manna is a settlement inside Syros, 5 kilometers away from Hermoupolis.

  • Manna

    Manna village is located really near Hermoupolis, next to the island’s airport.

  • Ermoypoli

    Ermoypoli is the capital of Syros, a beautiful "outdoor museum" with sights and museums in every step.

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