Ano Manna

 is one of the settlements inside Syros island. It is approximately 5 kilometers away from the capital, Hermoupolis and according to the latest census it has 500 residents.

Really close to Ano Manna is the bigger settlement Manna, or Kato Manna, just like the “Dimitrios Vikelas” airport.

Administratively, Ano Manna belongs to the Community of Hermoupolis, which numbers the most residents in the island.

In the region of Ano Manna there is also the orthodox church of the Holy Unmercenaries and a small chapel of Saint Aemilianus.

There are different businesses operating in the village, since both its central position and tourist centers make it particularly popular. Here you can find a great number of rooms to rent, from simple rooms to luxury residences.

In Ano Manna there are still taverns and dining services, not only for the village but also for the surrounding areas.

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