The beach Armeos on the southwestern of Syros and at a distance approximately 10 km from Ermoupoli, located right by the Gulf of Galissas, which is connected via a trail.

Known as St. Pakoy from the chapel at the top of the hill to the right of the beach, Armeos is a narrow beach with pebbles, sand and few trees among the rocks that protect it from the winds and stormy seas.

It is protected from common view position that has made Armeos a choice for those who want to swim naked in the island of Syros.

The passable path that leads to Armeos starts from Beach Galissas, climbs up the white church of Agia Pakous and down, finally, on the beach.

Because it is a pristine beach, those who choose to dive in Armeos must be properly prepared with all necessary (umbrella, water, sun bed, etc.).

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