Syros - Beaches

  • Beach Vari

    Vari is one of the most organized beaches of Syros, ideal for children.

  • Grammata

    Grammata took their name from the carved inscriptions on the rocks of sailors from the boats anchored in the sheltered bay.

  • Old Cave

    The Old Cave (or American) stands out in relation with the other beaches of Syros because of trees planted there by the American economist John Pierson.

  • Lia

    Lia belongs in the northwestern beaches of Syros and is accessible mainly by boat and through the path starting from the village of Campos.

  • Aetos

    Aetos is one of the quiet beaches in the northwest of Syros which is accessed either from the sea or from a path.

  • Beach Varvaroussa

    Deserted beach in northwestern Syros, beach Varvaroussa is accessible only by boat from the sea.

  • Megali Agkali

    The beach Megali Agkali is located in the island Gaidouri or Fanari, opposite the port of Ermoupoli.

  • Armeos

    Armeos is known as St. Pakou due to the small church which is located to the right of the beach.

  • Fokiotrypes

    Fokiotrypes is an isolated beach and it is accessible only by footpath that starts from the beach Azolimnos.

  • Beach Dolphin

    In Beach Dolphin that is located north of Kini dominate the pebbles.

  • Beach at Kini

    In the west and at the same height with Ermoupoli is Kini, which has organized beach.

  • Lotos

    In western Syros, south of Kini, almost next to this, just one kilometer, is the beach Lotos.

  • Beach Galissa

    Beach Galissa is one of the largest and busiest beaches of southwestern Syros.

  • Kokkina

    Kokkina is located approximately 1.5 miles from the Phoenix and is protected from the northerly.

  • Beach of Phoenix

    The Beach of Phoenix, in the southwest of Syros, is protected from the winds and therefore ideal choice for mooring boats of all types.

  • Beach Posidonia

    Beach Posidonia, located in front of the homonym village, is one of the most cosmopolitan of Syros.

  • Agathopes

    Agathopes is one of the busiest beaches of Syros in the southwest of the island, close to Neptune and Phoenix

  • Komito

    Komito is the beach located at the most southwest point of Syros, next to Agathopes.

  • Abela

    Abela is a quiet and well protected beach from the north winds, just after Makrigialos.

  • Beach Megas Gialos

    Beach Megas Gialos is one of the largest beaches of Syros.

  • Achladi

    Achladi, in the south of the island, is a small, quiet beach after Vari.

  • Fabrica

    Fabrica has got her name from the old factory which operated in area.

  • Santorinioi

    The tranquil beach of Santorinioi is among Vari and Azolimnos, in the south of Ermoupoli.

  • Beach Azolimnos

    Azolimnos is the nearest beach to Ermoupoli, approximately 5km.

  • Waves

    Waves a pebbly beach, is located in front of the square Kanaris in Ermoupoli of Syros.

  • Stars

    The Stars are one of the three beaches available for Ermoupolis

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