Beach Galissa

One of the largest beaches of Syros is the beach in Galissa located approximately 9km. southwest of Ermoupoli, and it is just in front of the homonym settlement. The access in beach is easy with frequent bus itineraries of interurban bus.

The beach Galissa stands out for its golden sand, clear blue waters and armirikia that offer protection from the sun. It is fully organized the beach in Galissa and ideal for those wishing to engage in water sports. Food and accommodation ensures to guests the homonym settlement of Galissa, located north of Phoenix.

At the top of the hill above the beach Galissa dominates the white Catholic chapel of St. Pakous (paraphrase from St. Obedience) that has been built on the ruins of an ancient temple. The access to this may be tiring, with many stairs, but the view and especially the sunset from that point will indemnify the walker for his effort.

The beach Galissa has also camping for those who prefer the more ‘free’ tourism and a small harbor in the south part for those who have or rent a boat.

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