Beach Megas Gialos

One of the largest beaches of Syros, in the south of the capital of the island, Ermoupoli is – as the name suggests – the beach at Megas Gialos, in front of the homonymous settlement.

Located 12 kilometers from Ermoupoli and after Azolimnos, Santorini, Fabrica, Katergaki, Vari and Achladi, both sandy beach at Megas Gialos and the scattered creeks are an ideal option especially in the period with the winds, and because of its location just south of the island, is naturally protected.

Apart from that there are umbrellas along the Beach Megas Gialos, natural protection from the sun offer armirikia that reach almost to the sea’s edge.

If you want to combine your swimming with a walk, then you can visit the church of Saint Anthony, located by the Beach Megas Gialos and behind which starts the path that leads to the bay of Ampela and in a small and quiet beach.

Due to the homonymous village that contains hotels, rooms, restaurants and shops, the Beach Megas Gialos is another option as a base of accomodation in Syros.

In any case the access to the Beach Megas Gialos ensure frequent bus itineraries of interurban bus, in case someone does not have its own means of transport.

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