Among the most fascinating buildings of Ermoupolis are those that accommodate the Syros Casino, near the Port, behind the Station. They are two neoclassical preservable buildings, dating back to 1830, that connect to each other with an underground gallery. On the exterior, there is a base made of marble and plastered walls.

An 120 acre hotel named “Europe” used to be in the position of Syros Casino. However, the restoration of the building highlighted carefully but gracefully all the historical and cycladic characteristics, creating a real masterpiece. The Casino is operating since April 1997.

The neoclassical architecture is already visible from the entrance. The central gate has an apsidal shape while a marble staircase leads to the other floor. On its interior, the Casino has maintained many of its original architectural characteristics. Majestic arches are found all over the halls and the walls while white marble, cyan onyx and crystal chandeliers endow this place with an extra touch of discreet luxury.

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