Chroussa (or Chrousa one – s) is the greenest village of Syros! Located south of the island and is built among pine trees and dense vegetation of the hillside. It’s away from Ermoypoli about 9 km and can be approached by the provincial road Vari Posidonia.

The mansions of the past centuries – of rural character, since used as holiday resorts – complex with recently built traditional houses with nice gardens and lush green trees, making many consider Chroussa as the most beautiful village of Syros!

Two Orthodox churches, since 1854 both, are located in Chroussa: is St. Spyridon and the Virgin Mary, which is celebrated on 8th of September, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. Just outside the village there is the Catholic Monastery of Our Lady Revealed of 1890 and the old church dating from the 14th century. The monastery celebrates on 24th of September and attracts many pilgrims from across the island of Syros.

In Chroussa is celebrated with famous way the May Day, the celebration of nature and spring, with events organized by the local Cultural Association of Chroussa. Operated in the village a few years ago a large scout camp, but it has now closed.

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