City Hall

The majestic City Hall of Syros is located in Miaoulis Square, Hermoupolis and is one of the biggest city halls of the country. It is a creation of the German architect Ernst Ziller, completed in 1876 and opens its gates in 1898. It cost 1,300,000 drachmas, exorbitant amount of money for its epoch. As seen from the square it has three floors, while, due to the level difference, it appears to have two floors if seen from the road behind the building.

The central part of the City Hall of Syros is particularly decorated. On both sides there are two wards with five-vertical-axis windows each, separated with pilasters. The end parts of the facades are highlighted by overhangs and by corner turrets.

Horizontally, the facade is organized in 4 different-rhythm zones. The ground floor, as seen by the square is made from marble and nowadays hosts some shops.

A monumental staircase, measuring 1,5 meters in width, leads us to the first floor of the City Hall, which is Tuscan order. The second floor is ionic order and the turrets, originally meant to unite to a third floor on the three sides of the building (apart from the facade) are corinthianizing order.

On the pediment of the City Hall, completely made of marble, there is an inscription in purist greek: “ The Municipality of Hermes, in honor of the mayor, D. Vafiadakis”.

In the entrance there is a majestic suspension staircase, width 1,95 meters, with a roof made of glass. On the left, there is a bust of D. Vafiadakis. On the first floor we see a remarkable boardroom, while on the lobby there are hanging portraits of former mayors.

Apart from the municipal services, in the City Hall of Syros there is also the Court, the land registry, the Archaeological Museum and other public entities.

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