The parish church of Catholics of Syros, Euaggelistria was built in 1829 on the site of an older church, at the expense of the merchant Gregory Stefanos. It is located west of Ermoupoli, on the outskirts of the city. Latin inscription on a wall above the entrance of Euaggelistria indicates the owner, the date of construction and Tinian empirical architect of the building ‘ X’ Simo (Chatzisimo). The church is built on an elevated level due to height difference.

Euaggelistria is tri-aisle basilica and the configuration of the face follows the Italian standards. Inside, two arches with marble columns define the three aisles. The nave is covered by a dome and the side with vaults. The decor in Euaggelistria is simple, with soft colors, ribbons, rosettes and all the keys of the vaults.

The center of the floor of Euaggelistria cover tombstone from the grave of Gregory Stefanos, who has died in 1834 and was buried in the church. The inscription that  his devote niece says the offices and titles of the donor.

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