Another option for those who prefer for their bath in the south of Syros is the Fabrica beach in the area of Posidonia, at a short distance from the Katergaki beach.

Fabrica which located at a distance approximately 9 kilometers from Ermoupoli, named so after the old pottery factory that operated in the area of industrial prosperity of Syros. To reach at Fabrica can either turn left at the sign that you will find approximately one kilometer before Vari or reach to Vari beach and from there to follow the relative sign.

Fabrica has a few umbrellas and is considered one of the quiet, deserted beaches of Syros with golden sand and a few pebbles.

The more adventurous swimmers can try their stamina until the small island Ampelos (or Fabrica for locals) which located directly across from the beach.

The area right of Fabrica, where is located the small port which the locals moor their boats, considered a good fishing spot for snorkeling.

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