Foinikia is a small settlement, from those that the visitor of Syros meets in the northern part of the island, Ano Meria. With this place-name characterize the Syrian all over that part of the island, where the landscape is more ‘wild ‘ with steep cliffs on the coast, no roads for the most part and is less populated than the rest of Syros.

In the settlement of Foinikia, built at an altitude of 223 meters, you will find only ten residents, mainly dealing with agricultural work. Indeed, they lived here only the last decades, as for several years, Foinikia like other settlements of Ano Syros were left deserted.

From the city that is the seat of the Municipal Unit (and historical seat of the whole Syros), Ano Syros (or Ano Syra), Foinikia isthe first village we meet on the way to Ano Meria.

From the next village, Myttakas, start many detours beaches and other attractions of the northern part of Syros.

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