Historical Archives of Syros

The Historical Archives of Syros are in the Ladopoulos building, next to the City Hall of Hermoupolis, in Miaoulis Square. In this venue the visitor can see important archives and documents about the history of the city and the island.

The main archives, guarded in the Historical Archives of Syros, are the municipal archives of the island, as found by Christos Loukos. Other documents include those of the Council of Elders, the archive of the Italian Power’s Occupation and the archive of the Elder Notaries.

In this collection is also included the collection of the old publications of the journalist, and former mayor, Stavros Vafias, as well as part of the personal archives of the local historian Andreas Drakakis and archive collections of the local poet Manos Eleutheriou.

The Historical Archives of Syros are especially rich and categorized, open to each and every visitor wishing to deeply explore the island’s historical course.

Historical Archives of Syros building: Miaoulis Square, 1st floor, left of the City Hall. Tel.: 22810- 86891. Open hours: Monday- Friday 09:00- 14:00.

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