Industrial Museum

The Industrial Museum of Syros, Hermoupolis, is one of the most important greek museums.

Established in 2000 from the Technical Civilization Center of Hermoupolis and is accommodated in three renovated industrial buildings built near the end of the 19th century; the Katsimanis Dyeworks (1888), the Aneroussis Lead Shot Factory (1889), the Kornilakis- Dendrinos Tannery as well as a big part of the Velissaropoulos Textile Factory (early 20th century).

The Industrial Museum of Syros has pieces of equipment from all spectrums of industrial activity that took place in Hermoupolis of the glorious era, mainly from textile, glass and even “loukoumi” factories, shipyards, tanneries and printing houses.

One of the most interesting parts of the Industrial Museum of Syros? Its digital archives, including maps, pictures patterns and recordings from workers as well as 3-D industrial building illustrations, all of them –of course- rare exhibits.

Findings from the shipwreck of one of the first greek steamboats, “PATRIS”, sunk next to the Kea island in 1868 can be found, too, in the Industrial Museum of Syros.

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