In northwestern beaches of Syros that are not accessible by car or by boat from the sea and by foot through the path, is includes the beach of Lia (or Leia).

Lia is located in the bay of Aetos, just opposite the rock of the beach Grammata and a little south of the beach of Old Woman Cave (or the American, as the locals know it).

To reach to Lia, you must either reach to Kini’s village and from there to board on one of the boats that make daily routes in the northwestern beaches or go up to the area Campos at the upper side of Syros and from there follow the accessible footpath (there is sign) through which approximately in fifty minutes will be found in Lia.

The beach of Lia with clear blue combines pebbles and sand and offer shade by armirikia located T a short distance from the coastline. If you visit Syros in the months before the summer, it is possible to meet in Lia grass in the area behind the beach.

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