Manna is one of the biggest villages in Syros. It is very near to Hermoupolis, the island’s capital and is built across the main village road of Syros, covering a distance of approximately 2 kilometers.

Administratively, Manna belongs to the community of Hermoupolis, of the unified municipality of Syros and has approximately 1000 residents. Small, picturesque houses in Manna have lovely bougainvillea gardens, while on the eastern part of the village there is expanding the Meadow Camp, the main cultivation area in Syros, which is full of greenhouses.

In the surrounding area we find lots of vineyards. Really close to Manna, on its eastern part, there is the “Dimitrios Vikellas” airport of Syros, in Rozia region. By the borders of the village there is the biggest building group of secondary education, accommodating the island’s high schools.

The catholic church of Metastasis of Theotokos is standing in the horizon of Manna village, just like the venues of the Cycladic Jockey Club and dozens of the shops.

Manna is sometimes mentioned as “Kato” (down) so as to be distinguished from the Ano Manna settlement, which is located in another part of Syros.

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