Megas Gialos

Megas Gialos is located in the southeastern part of Syros and it is from the Ermoupoli 12 km. It is a seaside village with about 400 permanent residents.

Among the most popular villages, Megas Gialos is located between the village of Vari and Posidonia. It has access to many small beaches, except of course from the large central beach of Megas Gialos, which is sandy. Throughout Megas Gialos there are plenty of tourist accommodations of any kind, from large hotels to small rooms.

Megas Gialos extends to a distance of four km along the coast at the end of this located the main settlement. The Catholic church of Agia Thekla with red roof stands in Megas Gialos, as well as the chapel of St. Anthony, by the beach, where become a festival at celebration on 17 January – if for some reason you find yourself in Syros winter, do not miss to  try the bean soup and wine that  offered by the locals there.

In summer, on 22th of August takes place ​​to St. Anthony Megas Yialos, the festival of Panagia thalassini, while behind from the church begins the path that leads to a quiet beach Abela.

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