Mental Center

The Mental Center of the Municipality of Syros – Ermoupoli is housed with the Municipal Library and the Museum of Cycladic Art Replicas in a neoclassical duplex building on Miaoulis Square. The building, the old Club “Hellas” is an example of romantic neoclassicism with Italian data, it is situated in the right of the Town Hall and it was built by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo (1862 – 63).

The monumental facade of the building of the Mental Center of the square is divided into three equal parts by the two outermost protruding. It has stately balconies with marble parapet. In the central part of the ground floor, there are two arches by three Tuscan columns that create small arcade. In the great hall of the floor, which was the dancing room, are preserved frescoes and orography with cupids and masks. In the garden of the Mental Centre are busts of scholars and artists of Syros.

The Mental Center of Ermpoulis was founded in 1975 with the aim to promote the cultural life of the city. Today, it manages the Apollo Theater, art galleries and lectures, the winter and summer theater Evanthia Kairi and the Cycladic Art Gallery.

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