Messaria is a village in the hinterland of Syros. Located in the center of the island and is surrounded by five other villages: Episkopeio in the north, Pagos in the west, Agros in the south, the Upper Manna in the southeast and in northeast Talanta. It is quite close to the capital of Syros, Ermoupoli and the visitor encounters the houses on the road that goes from Ermoupoli to the villages of Posidonia in the south.

In Messaria encounters pictursque Cycladic houses with landscaped gardens and courtyards, and some stores that can serve their visitors, although the village is not considered among the most popular of Syros. In Messaria, the Church of the Cross is the main attraction.

The approximately 250 residents who live permanently in Messaria engaged in various activities, due to the position of the village considered by the closest to the capital of Syros and with an easy access.

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