Municipal Library

Municipal Library of Syros is located in the ground floor of the Culture Center, an astonishing neoclassical building, dating back to 186, in Miaoulis Square. The library officially opens in 1926 with a core of 2000 volumes from the collections of the gymnasium’s library. The library was also reinforced by the contribution of I. Rotas’s library, a beloved friend of Adamantios Korais, as well as the library of the Bishop of Cyclades islands, Anthimos Komninos.

Among the most valuable and old books in the Municipal Library are the “Argonautica”, by Apollonius Rhodius (1521), the “Nominal of Polydeuces”, by Rakina (1608) and the “Justinians” of Prince Rodokanakis- rare local edition- all of them having a special treatment.

The Municipal Library possesses also a rich collection of the local press, from the last century till our days.

The Municipal Library collection has reached the number of 45,000 volumes and is still expanding.

All year long, the Municipal Library organizes events, all of them considering books.

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