Municipal Theater “Apollon”

The Municipal Theater “Apollon” is one of the “decorations” of Syros, emblem of the cultural development of Ermoupolis, built in 1862-1864 by the Italian architect Pietro Sampo. It is located in the city center, behind the Cultural Centre in the Square Vardaka.

Outside the Municipal Theater “Apollon” presents simple architectural decoration. It is two-storey building, with a low marble base and plastered facades. The floors are separated by a strip of limestone. In the central part of the main face, full of marble, strongly is emphasized by the vertical axis with four pilasters at all height, flying architrave. All the building of the Municipal Theater “Apollon” has unitary cornice, arched windows on the ground floor and rectangular on the first floor.

On the other hand, the interior of the Municipal Theater “Apollon” impresses. The design is influenced by at least four Italian standards, including La Scala in Milan. The scene has a width of 9 meters and a depth of 10 meters, with a space for the orchestra in front of the stage and gallery. The decoration of wooden boxes, which were in three rows, was simple. The seats, handrails and curtains were velvet.

Around the chandelier of the roof of the Municipal Theater “Apollon”, there was orography with performances of poets and composers.

During the Second World War, the Municipal Theater “Apollon” has suffered very considerable damages, which were resulted in interfering: the general overhaul began in 1970 and has caused extensive damage inside. Among other, the wooden galleries were replaced with concrete balconies.

The Municipal Theater “Apollon” reopened for the first time after about 40 years in 1991, although the works of the rehabilitation, designed by architect Peter Pikionis, were completed in 2000.

Since 2002, the “Space of memories of Apollo Theater” operates in the theater with various exhibits, such as posters, costumes of various performances and others.

Today the Municipal Theater “Apollon” hosts various cultural events and festivals.

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