Myttakas is one of the small villages on the northern side of Syros, i.e. in sparsely populated northern part of the island. In Myttaka, there are about 20 permanent residents who maintain the beauty of the traditional village. If you are passing by here, it’s worth trying the local food that is offered in few traditional taverns.

From Myttakas, a road paved with cement leads to the Tower, the highest peak of Syros, with about 400 meters altitude. It’s worth to reach as here to admire the view.

Another detour leads to the settlement Kyperoussa, where apart from the beautiful rural villa, typical of Syrian architecture, one can start trekking to Cave Pherekydi, where has lived, according to tradition, the philosopher and teacher of Pythagoras in the 6th century BC.

The Virgin Kardiani is the patron saint of Myttakas and celebrates on 8th of September.

Myttakas belongs to the Municipality of Ano Syros.

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