Pagos is one of the rural villages in the hinterland of Syros. Located in the center of the southern part of the island and is surrounded by green, fertile land, favoring crops. Today, Pagos feeds the whole Syros with local vegetables and vegetables grown in fields of about its 360 permanent residents.

The area has a history dating back to prehistoric times, and have come to light findings from the Roman period, quite beyond.

However, Pagos is best known for his crops. To be developed these, of course, had to come to Syros and to teach how a Dutch agronomist. Paul Couper (Paul Couper) has arrived on the island by special invitation of the Catholic Church in 1963, just for this reason. He was who showed to the residents of Pagos how to erect greenhouses and exploit the abilities of Syrian land. His bust now adorns the square of the village.

Regarding the strange name Pagos, it has not relation with with the cold, but it is a furor of the word “Baos” which means passage.

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