Parakopi is one of the oldest summer resorts on the island of Syros. Located in the hinterland of the island is about 8 kilometers from Ermoypoli, the capital of Syros, the road leading to the villages of Posidonia in the southern part. About 200 are the permanent residents of the village, who are fortunate to live in a wooded landscape.

Pine trees, all kinds of fruit- producing and pistachio make the environment of Parakopi. It is no coincidence that the first rulers of Syros, from the 19th century, chose the green Parakopi to build here the stately summer mansions with tall, stone-built castles, beautiful gardens  comes from fairytale and wells with drinking water …

In the center of Parakopi is located the church of the Holy Cross with  blue dome and her bell tower to stand out from far, although the church is built  among the green trees of the region.

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