Prophet Elias

The Prophet Elias is a beautiful church in the village of Episkopeio, in the central Syros. It is built in the central hill of the village, is rate -aisled basilica built in 1845. With whitewashed walls, blue and red decorative tiles, has been recently renovated.

From the marble inscription that is walled on the west gate, which is the main, we conclude that there was a church elder, which then, in 1845, was reconstructed from its base.

The wonderful pictures that adorn the interior of the church of Prophet Elias, with its exquisite paintings of Nestor Varveris, framing the temple and the Beautiful Gate, the most impressive representation of the Deposition of the cross.

In Prophet Elias in Episkopeio was married the distinguished Greek writer Elias Venezis.

The Prophet Elias is honored on 20th of July when a big festival in the village takes place.

In Episkopeio, besides the Prophet Elias of Orthodox, there is the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Episcopiani, worth to visit, just outside the village on the road to Malia.

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