Resurrection of Christ

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Syros is the majestic Orthodox Church that dominates in the right hill of Ermoupoli, looking it from the boat. It seems to counterbalance the dominant form of Catholic St. George on the opposite hill of Ano Syros.

It was founded in 1874 and designed by architect of Ermoupoli, Dimitris Eleftheriadis. The original plan was to set up in this position monument from the fallen of the Revolution of 1821, but eventually it was decided to be placed in front of the church of St. Nicholas.

The Resurrection of Christ was dedicated to the “Resurrection of the Nation”, has began to be designed in 1858; it first operated in 1880 but inaugurated in 1908.

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ is of Byzantine style, with cross-shaped floor plan and dome, with ashlars’ masonry and dentil tapes from bricks on facades and around the marble frameworks of the openings. The bells were constructed in 1915 by the great benefactors of Syros, Sotirios and Theodoros Pangalos.

The Resurrection of Christ is separated by arches and pillars into three aisles and has enough neoclassical elements: temple, Ionic columns of the loft, carved pulpit (copy the pulpit of the Church of St. Nicholas) and throne.

Some of the greatest icons of the church of the Resurrection of Christ are:

• The Prophet Mwisis (1820)

• Panagia Tricherousa (1860)

• Russian icons of the Temple (1874)

• Agios Artemios (1882)

• Our Lady of the Angels (1890)

• Presentation (1890)

• Agia Marina (1908)

The Resurrection of Christ celebrates on Sunday of the Easter. In the church, runs Sunday school and cycle study of the Bible. It features a youthful center and rectory.

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