Between Azolimnos and Vari, in the south of Syros is the small and isolated and quiet beach of Santorinioi.

Santorinioi is the beach that meets the traveler in his left hand as it heads for Vari and and it is accessible through a small road with asphalt.

Beach with golden sand and a few pebbles, Santorinioi is not considered one of the crowded beaches of Syros, as it is equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, and addressed to travelers looking for a little more peace to enjoy a swim in the clear blue waters.

Therefore if you wish to stay for several hours at Santorinioi should be equipped with necessary because the nearest shops for coffee, water or food are located either in Vari or Azolimnos.

Santorinioi is approximately 6.7 kilometers from Ermoupoli and is accessible by car or motorcycle and bike is then for the more adventurous.

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