In a distance of only 4 kilometers from the capital of Syros, Hermoupolis, there is Talanda, a settlement on the southwestern direction, the one that connects the capital with Vissa, one of the biggest villages in Syros.

Talanda has a population of approximately 300 residents, according to the latest census, and is built on a green slope, which is extremely rare for a settlement on a cycladic island. The small houses are perfectly blended in the scenery, while the cherished yards and all of their colorful flowers make the landscape even more beautiful.

The settlement in Talanda, especially last years, has concentrated a vast number of businesses, while between picturesque cottages visitors can find rooms to let or other means of accommodation.

On a hill in the middle of Talanda we can find the hideaway of the Jesuit’s abbey, one of the two catholic dogmata in Syros, whose monks came in the island the 17th century.

Really near, visitors can also see the building complex of Saint John the Baptist’s monastery, where the retirement home of the island is operating.



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