Vari is known as the oldest village of Syros. It’s away from Ermoupoli 9 km and is located at the southeastern side of the island. Traces of habitation of prehistoric settlement of 4000 BC are identified in the region, the peninsula Chontra that is considered from the oldest inhabited in Cyclades.

With a permanent population of about 1500 inhabitants, Vari is one of the largest villages of Syros. Many small beaches to its boundaries, as Fabrica, Achladi, Embati and Santorinioi, make it one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. In Vari, the visitors will find a wealth of tourist accommodation, cafes, restaurants and other services for whatever they need.

Residents of Vari, apart from tourism, occupy with the rural life, as around the village there is cultivated plain.

In the landscape of the village of Vari dominates a tower house owned by Goulandris family, while by the chapel of Our Lady, which celebrates in the fifteenth of August one can admire panoramic view.

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