Agios Mamas

The picturesque church of Agios Mamas is located near the village Kiriakoselia in the province of Apokoronos in Chania, Crete.

Built inside a cave, the church of Agios Mamas stands out for its picturesqueness and that it harmonically combines nature with the human element.

The facade of the church, due to its white color, is visible to the visitor from the nearby church of Agios Nicholas.

Agios Mamas is situated right on the mountainside and he is the patron saint of the shepherds. Every year on September 2, the day of celebration of Agios Mamas, a famous festival takes place, with lots of food (boiled meat) and drink.

In the church animal bones were found, demonstrating the sacrifices that were held there in ancient times in honor of the god Pan.

Agios Mamas in Kiriakoselia is open to visitors throughout the year.

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