If you consider Chania one of the most beautiful places in Greece, you will hardly find someone to disagree with you. The beauties of western Crete are endless: monuments, from every time period, the beaches, the White Mountains, countless small and large gorges, unique geological formations and of course, the Gorge of Samaria, that is known throughout the world and is one of the most important on the planet.

Minoan Chania is mixed with ancient Greek and later Roman and Byzantine times. Later, the Venetian rule, as well as the subsequent Turkish rule, have left throughout the whole area monuments, churches and attractions, such as the old port of Chania with its beautiful lighthouse.

Elafonisi and Balos are two amazing monuments of nature. Each visitor bows to the majesty and awe they inspire, while thousands of people visit them every year. The endless sandy beaches in northern Chania, one of which is Falasarna, create a charming contrast with the small bays and picturesque villages in the south, Sfakia, Paleochora and Fragokastello.

The southern border of Greece and Europe, Gavdos, has unique beauties and stunning beaches, while the sense of being on the edge of a continent is an experience in its own.

The traditional Cretan hospitality will welcome you in Chania, wherever you find yourself – from the touristic coast to the most mountainous and isolated village – and will make you feel so good that you will not want to leave, or you will definitely want to come back!