Alcanea Boutique Hotel

Welcome to Alcanea Boutique Hotel in the old town of Chania, on the beautiful island of Crete!

Inspired for those who want to experience the true spirit of an historic city, in an environment that offers tranquility and relaxation, Alcanea Boutique Hotel, situated over the Old Port of Chania, with its 8 carefully designed rooms, promises to provide a memorable stay.

Chania’s rich history is reflected in its architecture. Your stay in Alcanea Boutique Hotel will give you a colorful historic tour of the treasures of this city. Consult the concierge services to plan your holiday or short break.

The building, which houses the Alcanea Boutique Hotel, dates from the Venetian period and was the office of Eleftherios Venizelos for 24 years.

It was fully renovated in the spring of 2011 with great respect to the preservation of its architectural heritage. The magnificent complex of balconies and courtyard, the well-preserved exteriors with hewn stone, colorful ceramics, ornate wood and all the decorative details provide a wonderful balance between tradition and the comforts of today.

Since ancient times, the city of Chania had been conquered by many and influenced by various cultures. The city’s architecture and monuments reflect its rich history. In 828 AD, a significant milestone for Crete, Chania and the whole island fell into the hands of the Saracen Arabs from Cordoba of Spain.

The renaming of the city of Kydonia to “Chania” was due to the Saracens. According to the professor of archeology, Nikolaos Platon, Chania had a suburb called “Alchania Komi”, named after god Velchanos or Hephaestus. The Saracens used the name “Al Chanea” for the whole city. The Byzantines, after the departure of the Arabs, removed the prefix «Al» and used the name Chanea, from which the Greek Chania and the Latin Canea are derived.

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