Anisaraki is the largest district of Kantanos and is three kilometers from the center of Kantanos – Selino. The village is built at an altitude of 520 meters in an area that is predominantly agricultural and ranching and is located 58 kilometers from the city of Chania.


In Anisaraki, you will find many valuable Byzantine churches. At the entrance of the church of St. Anne that was built in the 13th century, there is a rare picture with Saint Anna the Galaktotrofos, suckling the Virgin. This is one of the two icons – as they say – there are worldwide with this issue.

In the church, you will see frescoes from 1462. The church is located at the entrance of Anisaraki and there is a sign of the Archaeological Service showing the direction.

Although, it is located just 100 meters from the main road, if you follow the little footpath downhill you can be lost, so it’s best to ask the locals to get there. The temple is situated on a lush landscape and is surrounded by olive trees.

In Anisaraki, you will see the church of the Virgin with frescoes depicting the punishment of the damned.

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