Armeni Village is just 14 kilometers from the city of Chania, located in the area of Apokoronas and belongs to Kantanos – Selino. It is one of the 34 villages that give life to the most fertile area of the prefecture.

Armeni is considered by locals but also by many visitors as a paradise. This is supported by the huge trees, cover each area of it and sources of water gushing everywhere and end up in the river Kyliari.

The name of the village is due to the Armenians who lived first time in the period of the empire of Nikiforos Fokas in 961 AD. The church of St. Nicholas, which you will see in Armeni, is large and imposing.

In the taverns of the village, you will eat great food and in cafes you can drink coffee and raki enjoying the shade of trees.

One of the reasons that have not been altered very traditional elements of the settlement in Armeni, and behavior of residents is because there are no resorts but only some minimal rental houses.

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