Charma – Beer of Crete

In Charma – Beer of Crete brewery, aiming at the production of a pure and natural beer, with great taste, flavor and high nutritional value, we have created “Charma”, the First Fresh beer of Chania. The beers ‘Charma’, blonde and black, are available as fresh, unpasteurized and unfiltered without any mechanical, thermal or chemical procedure, without additives, preservatives and stabilizers and that is why it is perfectly pure and natural.

Fresh unfiltered Beer Charma by the Charma – Beer of Crete Brewery: we call the beer fresh when it has not undergone before its disposal any heating procedure – pasteurization, a procedure which gives it stability and sustainability for a long time without refrigeration at ambient conditions, but it flattens its taste and flavor and reduces its nutritional value. The fresh and unfiltered beer is the most pure and natural beer and it has not undergone any chemical procedure, it is naturally blurred, tasty and aromatic, and it retains all the nutrients from the raw ingredients of production and yeast, which has high nutritional value for the body.

The craft industry of beer production in Chania, belongs to J. Lionakis & Co. having the  trade name ‘Cretan Brewery’. It was founded in 2007 in Zounaki of Kidonia in Chania and is seated on private premises of 1000 s.m., which were built according to the strictest standards of health and safety.

The production unit is small and the staff is limited, but our priority is to produce a great product and not a massive production.

The raw materials for the production are: malt, hops, yeast. They are imported from Germany and are of excellent quality, combined with crystal clear and delicious water from the foothills of the White Mountains.

The production follows the German law of 1516 ‘on Purity of Beer’, which declares the brewing process and the permitted raw materials, while we have the certification ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000:20005, for the  food safety and service quality.

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